Restringing (Chicago area):
  •  $20 Restringing Full Service

o    Includes genuine YangYang String

o    Customized Tension


  • $14 Restringing Only

o     Labor Only

o     Customized Tension




Choosing Badminton Strings

Choosing the right Badminton String to go with your racket is important. It may win you games when playing against opponent of similar standard. But how you know which string is the right one?

Badminton Strings have different gauge numbers to indicate the thickness or diameter of the strings. Thicker strings will have a lower gauge number. A 20 gauge string is thicker than a 22 gauge one. Thicker strings are more durable but not as powerful. Thinner strings will give you more control, better repulsion and power, but they don’t last long. A lot of people think that a higher string tension means more power. In fact it’s the opposite that is correct. A higher string tension will give you more control while a lower string tension will give you more power. This is due to the trampoline effect of the strings. You can go for string tension in between 20lb to 26lb, depending on the strings you use. Let’s say you want extra power. What you can do is – use thicker string at tension of about 24 psi. Or you could use thin strings at higher tension for a more balance approach.

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